The First Post, Sharing my journey

So, I begin to write again. Perhaps I will ramble, perhaps I will make sense. Who knows, as the Spirit of God leads. As yet another chapter begins in my life, I seek the guidance of God today and each each day. By His grace, I, we will heal. Yesterday I asked the question: Does love die? Seeking wisdom, I gained some, yet I still seek. I am of the opinion that the love we have as humans is tainted and far from pure. So unrefined, so skewed, so far from the Love that God has for us and wishes us to have for each other. After I finally thought I found love, it turned out that it was far from the type of Love that God has for me. God Loves me, and you without condition. This is very difficult to find in this world and almost impossible. His love is perfect, without spot, wrinkle or stain, While the love we offer sometimes comes with a wish list, or an agenda, or lofty expectations set upon the person we wish to love and have love us. My own answer to my question of : Does love die?: Is this, that It does if we give up on it to easily. If we don’t labour, if we do not value the love, if it does not suit our desire, we dismiss it. Nothing says it better than 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13 (The Love Chapter) If we rely solely upon ourselves, never seeking God, then we will certainly fail. God gave us His Holy Spirit that we might listen to the still small voice within us. It is by the same power that raised Christ from the dead that lives in us that we are granted wisdom, and power in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. In Him, all things are possible. Apart from Him we can do nothing.  TILL NEXT TIME, Michael Image

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